Sasha Farkas, 1st Vice President is chairman of the Water Committee. Nathan Rosasco, Marilyn Rice and Jesse Cover sit on the committee.  The Water Committee attends TUD board meetings, committee meetings, stakeholders meetings and the Tuolumne-Stanislaus Integrated Regional Water Management Plan meetings. 

  • Tuolumne County Farm Bureau attended a stakeholders meeting on March 24th at TUD regarding their South Fork Stanislaus Reliability Project.  Stakeholders reviewed many options and provided input on each option.  We will continue to be at the table throughout this project to make sure that Tuolumne County Ag does not get overlooked.
  • Tuolumne County Farm Bureau recently attended the County Farm Bureau Water Summits.  The summits was a grassroots movement by the County Farm Bureaus throughout the state.  The Summits are held in Sacramento at the CFBF offices.  The goal of the summits are to find common ground between all counties with all different water needs.  The most recent summit was held March 22nd and had a topic of Delta Conveyance.  You might think that it is a localized problem however the Delta receives it’s water from rivers that flow through 2/3 of the State.  At the end of the day all counties in attendance were in agreement on what should and should not happen.

We need to stay active in local and state water issues.  The unsettling water issues in the state don’t leave any Ag water user safe.  County Farm Bureaus and CFBF will keep working for a better future.