Land Use

Tuolumne County Farm Bureau has been working to protect Ag land from development.  Recently we opposed a 600 acre housing project that had 300 homes.  We opposed the project on 3 issues

  1. It was a conversion of Ag land.  California is loosing ag land at a high rate.  We produce over 50% of our nations food supply.  We need all the Ag land we can keep.
  2. We were very unhappy that the project only had 300 homes.  It was in a central location and was considered infill.  If the housing density was increased it would lessen the development pressure on other Ag lands.
  3. The project had over 150 acres of O-1 zoning(openspace-1).  O-1 zoning doesn’t allow any Ag.  The reasoning the county used for such large amounts of O-1 zoning was to protect archeological sites and wildlife habitat.  We argued that the grazing practices that have been on that land have coexisted with the arch sites and wildlife for over 150 years.  Then we posed the question, “Why can’t they continue to coexist?”

TCFB will continue to work to protect Ag land from senseless development.  We will continue to update on all projects that we evaluate.