Ag Advisory Committee

The Board of Supervisors shall appoint an Agricultural Advisory Committee, the members of which shall serve at the pleasure of the Board.  The Committee shall be comprised of five residents of Tuolumne County as follows:  one planning commission member, one member representing the Tuolumne County Farm Bureau, one member representing the Tuolumne County Cattlemen’s Association, one Open Space representative from a recognized conservation group and one representative who demonstrates interest with resource conservation issues or one member o the public who demonstrates an interest in agricultural production.  With the exception of the member representing on of the Tuolumne County Planning Commissions, all committee members must have familiarity with the Williamson Act land conservation program.   The open space representative must be familiar with Rule 9 and the Open Space provisions of the Williamson Act Program.  The Board of Supervisors shall review the Committee composition three years initially,  then every four years hereafter.