About Farm Bureau


Organized &  incorporated in 1948. Such establishment of the TCFB then allowed for the advent of the UCCE Farm Advisor & 4-H  Chapters in Tuolumne County.

Current Officers & Board of Director members are;

  • Sasha Farkas, President/Director 
  • Dick Gaiser, 1st Vice President/Director 
  • Shaun Crook, 2ndVice President/Director 
  • Rose Engler, Treasurer/Director 
  • Nathan Rosasco, Corporate Secretary/Director  
  • Terri Arington, Director
  • Lettie Beeman, Director
  • Bob Brennan, Director
  • Jesse Cover, Director
  • Gerald Engler, Director
  • Kenneth Fleming, Director
  • Bill Gaiser, Director
  • Stan Kellogg, Director
  • Ron Peterson, Director
  • Nathan Reheder, Director
  • Elena Linehan, Office Manager / Executive Director